White Lies


There is nothing wrong with telling little white lies, if it make your rap go much smoother. Here are a couple of examples; Some girls, most notably Americans, think that its creepy to hook up with a guy who’s a lot older or a lot younger than they are. Feel free to give yourself a different birthday, if you have the need. If they chick likes you all that much, she won’t care in the long run. Some girls, most notably those of Jewish decent, have been trained from the time they were born that they have to date and marry men of the same religion or race. Feel free to give yourself a different ethnicity or religion, as long it’s believable. No one should ever discriminate on the basis of age, race or religion anyway. I like to say that the only thing I discriminate against is ugly, and sometimes not even that depending on my mood and the quantity of alcohol I’ve recently consumed.

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