When to Travel


Be intelligent about when to visit a particular foreign country. Don’t plan on going to Seville in August, for example. Most of the women are at the beach. If you want to meet Swedish YP, you might think twice about making that trip to Scandinavia during the summer months because many of them head to the cheaper countries on the Mediterranean to drink and lay out in the sun. If you hate cold weather, don’t go to Canada or Northern Europe in the winter. If you hate heat and humidity, don’t go to Arizona or Texas in the summer. If you hate the rain don’t go to England. If you hate assholes, don’t go to France— ever! I could go on and on, but I’m sure you get the idea. If you visit a place during the academic year, be prepared for it to be a little slow during the week. People are at home, in school or working, and generally only the weekends are happening. During the summer there tend to be more people out during the week in the larger cities, but the university towns are often pretty dead, so plan accordingly. I know that a lot of you will have constraints as to when you can travel— dictated by school, work, parents, finances or whatever, but do your best.