TheGuideForMen.com is very simply a website written by a man who loves women—for men who love women.  If there is nothing else in the whole wide world you would rather do than spend your time meeting and dating beautiful women, then this is the website for you.

There are thousands of books and websites out there concerning themselves with travel abroad: when to go, what to bring, how to travel on a budget and where to find great sight-seeing, accommodations and fine restaurants. I would suggest that the reader reference publications such as Let’s Go by Harvard Student Agencies, Europe through the Back Door by Rick Steves, Fodor’s or other appropriate sources such as www.tripadvisor.com for that sort of information. This website is different. It discusses where to find the world’s most beautiful women, what they are like, how to meet them, many, many words of advice and wisdom, most of which has been gleaned from years of experience by yours truly. This is absolutely invaluable to the young man traveling abroad. After all, what is a young man more interested in than beautiful, women? And what is a young man traveling abroad more interested in than beautiful, foreign women?

I remember the first time I decided to travel to Europe. I carefully mapped out the most logical itinerary, whereby I could visit the major capital cities, as well as take in the sights. What I found out was that the best sights weren’t in the museums displaying fine art or ancient cathedrals built by men long since dead, but on the beaches in the summer time, in the streets of big university towns, in the bars, and in the all-night dance clubs. The women are the best assets of any country. So explore them. Now I’m not saying to skip all that other stuff. I’m just  trying to make you realize what you’d be missing out on, if you weren’t careful.

Think about this for a moment. Some of the best women in the world live, work, go to school and socialize in cities and countries where you may have never been or even considered going. The girl of your dreams may be stuck working in a mom-and-pop store in Budapest, or she may be a student who spends her free time sitting around in her parents’ house in a remote suburb of San Juan. She may be sun bathing on the Costa del Sol, or on her way to work in Sao Paulo. But you may never get to meet her, unless you get out there and look around a little bit. Now I’ve been very lucky in life and have had the opportunity to travel all over the world. Most of the time I spent in any particular country was devoted to exploring the women of that country. I made a lot of good friends along the way, many of whom were trying to do the same thing I was. The information and advice that follow is written of my own experiences, and those of many of the friends I’ve met along the way.

Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder. You may disagree about what I have to say about the women of a particular country or about a variety of other things. You may have particular likes and dislikes: blonde hair, English accents, big backsides or whatever.  Remember also that in whatever country you may visit, regardless of the generalities I make, there is going to be some variety in how women look (with the glaring exception of the Asian countries). I personally believe that there is almost always something beautiful about every woman. It’s just that for some women, it’s is just much more obvious what that something is. If a particular country’s section seems a little short to you relative to others, you can infer that there’s good reason for my brevity. Or I may just say something nice, like “Hey, judging by the looks of the local girls, Boston must have great food!” Alternatively, if I rant, rave and ramble on about particular locale, there’s also good reason for my verbosity. You may not necessarily want to pass up on visiting a particular country, because I haven’t given it a spectacular recommendation or haven’t mentioned it at all. You may have different tastes or better luck than I had in any particular locale.

I write a lot about the nightlife in particular cities. But as any veteran partygoer well knows, the hot spots in any given locale change all the time. Keep in mind also that just like the women who frequent them, bars, clubs and hangouts in different countries and within the same country have unique personalities. I’ll tell you where the hottest places will be situated in a particular city. Luckily most of the best nightlife tends to be in discrete areas in most cities with some exceptions, which I will discuss. But you should always ask the locals what’s hot when you’re visiting to make the most of your time and not miss out. Just make sure to ask someone who shares your same interests— namely beautiful women. I’ve divided the website into geographical sections since people generally travel to one region to the world at a time, except Australians who, like their ubiquitous supermodels, are all over the place. I’ve also written sections with advice on topics that are relevant for any young man who loves beautiful women— no matter what country you happen to be in, and irrespective of whether or not you happen to be traveling.

Many people are extremely apprehensive about traveling, mostly for financial reasons or concerns over the perceived hassles with which travel is sometimes associated. But let me assure you that travel is possible for everyone. It can be affordable, easy and appropriate to do at anytime— but it’s best done early in life. Most people look forward to traveling when they retire. I think that’s kind of like waiting to lose your virginity until you’re old enough to need Viagra®. You should travel when you’re young, before you have real responsibilities, like a job, a family, a mortgage, car payments, etc. Aside from foreign women, traveling is incredibly rewarding in its own right. It’s an unparalleled educational experience, which promotes understanding between men and women of different cultures. My own travels have provided me with some truly beautiful memories and priceless experiences that I will keep close to my heart for the rest of my life.

I’ve decided to write this website, because none like it exists. I truly wish I had a reference such as this early on in my youth. I would have made a lot fewer mistakes. I look at this book and the words of advice contained within it as a means by which I can pass on some knowledge to the young men of this world who love women as much as I do. It’s a way for me to achieve a sense of closure to my youthful bachelor days. I’ve been giving advice informally to friends of mine for many years who were interested in finding, meeting and getting intimate with beautiful women all over the world. Now anyone reading this website can benefit from my experience.

Keep in mind that finding, meeting and getting intimate with beautiful women is almost always a challenge— no matter who you are or where you find yourself. But I guarantee that after reading this website you’ll have a lot better sense of how to do just that. I am absolutely confident that it will become a guide for you throughout your young adulthood. Read carefully, pay attention and heed the advice on the pages that follow. Then I want you to go out there and make me proud! I want to hear some stories of your own travels. Any necessary embellishment to achieve a desired effect is of course allowed. Send me some mail when you’re through and tell me about the times that will surely be the best of your life: thedoctor@theguideformen.com.  I want to invite you to help improve this website any way you can.  It creates good karma for yourself to share your knowledge with your fellow man.

Since the best places to meet women are changing constantly—bars and clubs come and go, areas of town can get hip and happening and then lose their dope atmosphere in a heart beat.  I want to know from you what’s hot at any given time as far and where and when to meet the ladies.  Talk to me, gentlemen.  Email me or twitter me on the fly.  If I’m in your neck of the woods, I join you out to meet the ladies.

One last thing before we get started. You may not be familiar with some of the terms I tend to use pretty frequently throughout the website.  If you don’t understand something, just flip to the section entitled “Dictionary of Terms” in the back and enlighten yourself. They’re sure to become part of your everyday vernacular.