If you’re lucky enough run into some beautiful, innocent, virgin princess while traveling abroad, DON’T RUNKLE HER. It would be totally dishonorable to cajole a virgin into having sex with you. It would be extremely disrespectful to her, her family and her husband for whom she may have been saving herself However, if she’s sampled Johnson before, she’s fair game. Despite whatever she may say to the contrary, there is no such thing as a “born-again virgin”! Likewise for any girl, regardless of whether or not she is a virgin, never, ever try to force her into doing something she doesn’t really want to. I don’t mean that “your lips say no, but your eyes say yes” kind of stuff. I mean, don’t force it. If you get the feeling that she genuinely feels uncomfortable, do the right thing and back off. That includes anytime she may be too drunk or high to know what the hell she is doing. Like I said before, if that is the only way you can hook up, you’re pathetic.

This goes for the emotional stuff, as well as the physical. Don’t trick some little, innocent virgin into believing that you are the Prince Runklelot who is going to sweep her off of her feet, if you have no intention to do so. This makes for a mistrusting, vindictive chick, and it will be that much more difficult for anyone who may follow to win over her affections. Besides, it’s sort of not fair to the chick. Who knows? She may respect you for your noble actions so much that the very next time there’s an opportunity to hook up with you, she will. Hey, it’s happened before.