Venice is as romantic as Seville. That means you will feel like a squid, if you don’t have a chick on your arm, as you walk or wade through Venice’s roads and canals. Hopefully, you will be smart enough to have brought that girl you met in the French Riviera, and who, like you, is on her way to Greece. If you haven’t runkled yet for lack of ambiance than you have come to the right place. Like Paris, Venice is organized (sort of) into districts and is divided in two by the Grand Canal. The unofficial center of the city is Piazza San Marco. Also like Paris, this city isn’t cheap. So be careful with the cash. During the day check out the hordes of foreigner booty visiting places like the Accademia and Basilica dei Frari. The nightlife is how you may expect it to be in a quite, romantic city, very quiet and very romantic. Check out places off of the Campo della Maddalena or the Cannaregio and follow the noise.

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