Caracas, Venezuela South America


As one of my buddies once said about this place, “Man, this whole country is hot.” He wasn’t lying. There are some beautiful women here. But some of the social problems here may discourage the PB from visiting. There is no middle class in Venezuela. There is rich, and there is poor, and absolutely nothing in between. This not only caused a problem for those PB’s looking to hook up, but for those looking to stay safe. It is best to attach yourself to a local you can trust, who will steer you clear of the problem areas in downtown Caracas. Don’t be worried if you see strange looking men in the hotel lobby sporting AKA 57’s. Apparently they’re there to protect you.

Because it’s wise to be wary of those you don’t know, the social scene down here tends to be very cliquey. Again, if you have a friend or acquaintance who can introduce you to the chicas, you’ll be a lot better off. The beaches in Caracas are excellent. Cuyagna on Estado Aragua, Playa el Agua on Margarita Island (especially on Easter Weekend and Christmas Week). Others worth mentioning include Puerto la Cruz, Choroni on Estado Aragua and Punta los Caracas, Todasana, Playa Grande and Cumuri (all in La Guaira). The best clubs include Versus and Club M80 on Avenida Tamanaco in El Rosal, Bar Two in La Castellana, Amnesia in Centra Comercial Chacaito in El Chachaito where the girls are locked up in the cages dancing. There are sure to be plenty of honeys around for the scamming at any given time of the year. Remember that the woman who wins the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant every year is almost always from Venezuela!

God Damn Factor 8.5