University Towns in the Midwestern USA


Columbus, Ohio is home to one of the best universities for women in the entire world, Ohio State. There are 60,000 students here, more than half of whom are beautiful girls from the Midwest. I’ve never met so many beautiful, friendly girls who were so lonely in my entire life! If you give them more attention than one would his dog, you are going to hook up. A beach on campus and warmer weather are the only things that would make town place better. Ann Arbor is home to the University of Michigan and is an archetypal American college town. Indiana University graces Bloomington, Indiana with basketball-loving YP. The University of Wisconsin in Madison and the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis provide plenty of chubby little Germanic/Scandinavian types to work on. They may be chunky, but remember that these girls have spend the majority of their youth drinking beer and hooking up so they are quick to do both. Just be sure to head to Milwaukee’s breweries and drink before you do. If you are in the mood to road trip; Iowa City, is home to the University of Iowa. Lincoln is home to the University of Nebraska. And Lawrence is home to the University of Kansas.