University Towns in Florida


The women at Florida State University in Tallahassee and the University of Florida in Gainesville are damn fine. In Tallahassee all the best nightlife and the finest YP in all the United States of America can be found on Tennessee Street. Head to Bullwinkles and try out your “tomahawk chop”.  Fraternity life is big here, so if you know someone who goes to school either of these two places, and especially if they belong to one of the fraternities on campus go up for a visit.

Gainesville has the most beautiful college girls in America.  Hands down, bar none.  They are just incredible.  My favorite bar in Gainesville is the The Swamp right by campus.  Downtown is great on the weekends.  Only the YP from Texas A&M and the University of California, Santa Barbara can hold a candle to these babes.

God Damn Factor 9.5

*** See the section entitled “Spring Break” for some information on Daytona, Panama City and the Florida Keys. You may want to consider heading to Jacksonville while you are here and checking it out also.