University and Beach Towns


In my opinion you should visit a big university town in every country you visit. Surprise! There tend to be lot of beautiful, young women in university towns—going to school or working after graduation. Food and alcohol tend to be cheaper also. Thursday tends to be the biggest night in college towns all over the world, so plan your schedules accordingly. Remember also that most of the universities in Europe and many other parts of the world are six years long. Taking into consideration that they tend to finish up high school at age 18 and frequently take time off to work and travel, most of these universities are full of 19-25 year olds as opposed to North and South America for example, where rarely is there anyone over 22 in their four year institutions. Also keep in mind that many universities in Europe tend to be spread out all over town. There tend not to have large, central campuses so typical of universities in the United States.

I would head to a university town during the week and save the big cities for the weekend evenings, especially Saturday night. That’s because students oftentimes head home for the weekends or to the larger neighboring cities to party, leaving the university bars empty following the usual Thursday night festivities. However, there are exceptions; Utrecht, Holland, Arhus, Denmark, Gothenburg, Sweden and Austin, Texas are a few college towns that come to mind. The weekends here absolutely rock. You just have to ask a local PB how the weekends are, if you aren’t sure, so that you don’t waste your time. Alternatively, use the weekend to follow up on the booty you met on campus earlier in the week.

One of the bad things about traveling during its academic year is that you pretty much have to wait until the end of the week to have fun at the bars and clubs. Again there are exceptions; places like Madrid, Barcelona, New York, Los Angeles and Paris, will always have something to do no matter what day it is. The summer of course, tends to be the time to party. Since the girls are off from school or on vacation, the nightlife almost everywhere is much better. Again there are exceptions; cities like Seville are absolutely deserted in July and August, when the heat is absolutely unbearable, and everyone heads to the beach.

Speaking of the beach, definitely head to beach towns in the summer time. That is where the beautiful, young women tend to go when they are on holiday. Pinamar and Villa Gessel in Argentina, Punta del Este in Uruguay, Ibiza and Marbella in Spain and the Greek Islands are awesome in the summer time. Not only are the women easier to hit on in this setting for all the reasons I’ve mentioned in previous sections, they are half naked. WU!!! Don’t forget that summer time in the southern hemisphere is from December to February, so plan your itineraries accordingly.