Kieve, Ukraine Eastern Europe


What can I say about this country.  WOW!  The most beautiful women I have ever seen in my life, live here.  Let me say that again.  The most beautiful women I have ever seen in my life live in this country.  I have no idea what they feed the women there, but whatever it is, we need to figure out how to bottle and sell it.  I literally was falling in love every 30 seconds walking around the capital of Kiev or the beach town of Odessa.

One problem though—they are NOT friendly at all.  This country existed behind the “Iron Curtain” for decades and as such they are very wary of strangers, foreigners and people that they don’t know in general.  And if you don’t speak Russian or Ukrainian, you may be shit out of luck.  The girls by the Universities sometimes do speak English and of course the pros always speak well enough English to communicate with you.

One thing I really love about the Ukraine, is that the women here really put their best foot forward at all times.   They may not be very wealthy, but they are stylish.  They may only have two nice dresses or outfits and one nice pair of high heels, but they will wear them every day, wash them that night and wear them again the next day.  There isn’t a tattoo, bad piercing or pair of jeans and a sweatshirt anywhere within a thousand miles of this place.  All self-respecting Ukrainian women are in high heels and dresses with perfect hair and makeup—every damn day.  It’s just awesome.

This country is hell cold and grey most of the year, so go in the spring or summer when the girls are wearing less clothing and are in better moods because of the weather.  Walking around the main promenade in Kiev with provide you with more than enough eye candy.  Beneath these streets are underground malls, where again you will find more than enough reasons to get whip lash.

Odessa in the summer time is a must.  There is a promenade by the Black Sea, which is lined with bars and clubs—my favorite of which is called Ibiza.  I am telling you that from Wednesday through Saturday, it is as good or better than Miami, when I lived there in the hey days from 2000 to 2003.  Unbelievable, outrageous, incredible are the only words I can use to describe the women, BUT you are going to have challenges communicating and BE PERSISTENT!  Like the Russian girls, the women expect you to be a man.  If you like a girl—try, try and try again to see if she will eventually give you the time of day.

Eastern Europe (the rest of it)

As you will discover if you visit Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic and Hungary that the women here are gorgeous but can be pains in the asses.  For a little change of pace from the more westernized countries of Eastern Europe try the rest of this area of the world, which is less traveled by foreign PB’s.  Polish women are gorgeous and Poznan, the college town equivalent of Austin, TX, is full of them.  Early September each year the place is packed with newbies looking for new boyfriends.  Bratislava in Slovakia anytime of year is good.  Maribor is the Slovakia’s Gainesvilles, FL.  Just awesome.  Zagreb in Croatia is worth a look see, but Latvia may be better.  Lavian and Lithuanian men, are sparse as compared to other areas of Eastern Europe, due to war, so the ratios are always excellent.  And Romania is rumored to be the second easiest place in Eastern Europe to get laid—after Russia.

God Damn Factor—9.0