Ugly Women


This section is about BJ’s and Back rubs. I know it may seem strange including a section on ugly women since this book is suppose to be about beautiful women. But the book wouldn’t be complete without it. Beauty is to some extent in the eye of the beholder. I said “beholder” not “beer holder” looking through the bottom of some serious “beer goggles”. I believe that when all is said and done, the most attractive thing about any woman is that fact that she finds you attractive. Remember what I said earlier. There’s almost always something beautiful about every woman. Her accent, her mannerisms, the way she walks, her adorable wooden leg and just about anything else can convince me that she’s worth a shot. Sometimes, you can get pleasantly surprised. If they take off the glasses, let down the hair and put on a dress, they might look damn good. If you really lucky they’ll look damn good with the dress off.

I have this talent for being able to tell if a girl who is not so good looking now, will be some time in the future. This talent has paid off more than once in my life. My dad used to say, “Be nice to the ugly ones. You never know how they’ll turn out.” Pop was a smart man. Girls have excellent memories. If you’re nice to them now, and they blossom little later on, you’ll have first dibs. But regardless, the reader may want to give an ugly woman a shot every once in a while, especially if they have the balls to approach you and suggest a runkie. Every experienced PB knows that they tend to treat you better. And that may be quite refreshing after dealing with that gorgeous, condescending French chick. Also remember that ugly women oftentimes have hot friends, so be nice even if you don’t want to runkie her, she may be able to hook you up with someone she knows who is much more attractive, just because she thinks you’re a nice guy. But don’t waste your time. If you’re not into her— no matter what she does, it’s not worth your time to try and force the issue and later on regret not spending your time with someone else.