Top Ten Dumbest Quotes


Every man knows that all chicks are insane. Something happens to their brains during embryological development that prevents them from ever being able to think logically. Over the years, the stupidity and complete irrational nature of some of the girls I have dated have been unbelievable. No where is this more evident than in the things they say when they’re drank or getting rankled. Here is just a sampling of the ridiculous:

10) “I can’t go out with anyone who isn’t Hispanic ever again.”– Asian chick after finally

getting rankled— well!

9) “I’m just trying to get laid!”—comment from a Swedish chick, when I asked her why

she was being so nice to me.

8) “I am a virgin. I don’t mind if you go out with other girls, because you are a man, and

you need to sleep with someone.”– very cool comment from a French chick no less!

7) “No, he’s coming home with me. He’ll see you tomorrow.”– comment from a girl I

had just met after one of my Harvard buddies asked me if I needed a ride home.

6) “I’m not that kind of girl.”– comment from a chick I met at Mardi Gras, when I tried
to kiss her and just after she finished jerking me off in the middle of Bourbon Street in
New Orleans for some plastic beads.

5) “Give it to me, baby. I can take it.”– Canadian chick who I rankled on spring break
one year because I needed a place to sleep.

4) “I’ve never been so attracted to someone in my entire life. I think I love you”— sincere
comment from an 18yo chick at Cornell who I rankled 22 minutes after meeting her.

3) “God, I have great tits. If I were a boy, I would f—k me!”— titty dancer in Houston
who wanted to get my attention. Needless to say, she did.

2)    “I spilled beer on my cooter!”– comment from a girl I was about to rankle, when I
asked her why her panties smelled like boot.

1) “I’m fixin’ to cum! I’m fixin’ to cum!”— Mexican chick from Texas.

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