Things You Should Do Pretty Frequently


1)  You should meet someone new everyday— preferably a beautiful woman.

2)Where ever you visit, talk to the old and the young of that country— the old, for a perspective of that county’s past, the young, for a look into that country’s future.

3)Have a drink of whatever is the specialty of the locale you happen to find yourself. That means rum in the Caribbean, champagne in France and Guinness in Ireland. If you don’t like to drink, there is an old Persian poem that I like to tell you about. Part of it goes something like this:

We must all be drunk…

For youth is drunkenness without the wine

And old age— in his jealousy— drinks himself back to youth

This is indeed a glorious virtue.

4)You should try to make a difference in the world, through the encounters you have with every person you meet. The best way to do that is to pass down a legacy to future generations of men. There is nothing more important you could do for the world than to teach young boys to be men. If we all did our share in that respect, we’d all be a lot better off. So pull aside a kid who you may run across in your travels and give some advice, a perspective on things from your point of view. He may really need it. Not to say I’ve done anything so noble with this book. I’m just trying to get you runkled, bro!

5)Honor you mother and your father, your wife and your children, your friends, co­workers and colleagues and above all God in heaven.