The Southwest (USA)


The southwest, particularly Texas, Nevada, Colorado and Arizona, have some of the most beautiful women you will find in this country. That’s because the women here really care about how they look and what people think of how they look. (Sometimes that’s all they care about, besides how much money you make, what kind of care you drive and what you do for a living.) The Southwest is where “Daisy Duke” shorts were invented, and there are some mighty, fine booties down here barely covered by those things. The great thing about the Southwest is that there are a lot of women here who blow away the top half of the bell curve— literally. Many are possessed of huge breasts and teeny, tiny little bottoms. It almost makes you think they can’t be real, and a lot of the time they aren’t! The bad thing is that women in this area of the country get married pretty early, as they do in other parts of the South. I dare you to try and find a beautiful, friendly, never-married woman in this area of the country— who is over 25 years of age and not a total head case. It cannot be done.

So if you’re a not so young man who is reading this book, I have one word for you: poach! Fortunately, the girls in this area of the country have a great attitude towards poachers. It seems that mama did a great job convincing little Tammy that the estabUshed, older man is the one to go for, since he’s got the cash, the sports car and the big home. In this area of the country as in Southern California, there are also a lot of Mexican girls, obviously due to the proximity to that country further south. Many of these girls have Spanish family roots and are damn fine looking. But beware! Their beauty is notorious for fleeting as they get older, when those steak and cheese burritos start to take effect. The types of women you will mostly run into here are Caucasian (mostly Anglo Saxon Protestants), Blacks and Mexicans