The Southeast (USA)


Most Americans believe that the Southeast has a higher percentage of better-looking women than neighboring states to the North. The women who live in the major cities here tend to be friendlier and more hospitable towards men they don’t know, and their attitude in general tends to be better here as well. There tends to be less ethnic diversity in the Southeast as compared to the Northeast in most all cities and towns save, Miami. But the curious PB will not be disappointed. Georgia is famous for its Southern belles who are supposedly pretty and plentiful, while Florida has everything from the fiery Latina to the outrageous, bikini-clad beach babes and silicone sisters. The types of women you will find here most frequently include Caucasians (mostly Anglo Saxon Protestants), French, Blacks and Hispanics (especially in South Florida). Many women are drawn to live or go to school in the Southeast, because of the weather, the beaches or just because of the personalities of the major cities in this area of the country. Everyone tends to be happier, since they’ve generally chosen to live here. There are a significant number of colleges and universities in the Southeast, though they tend to be dispersed over a large geographic area. A vehicle is definitely necessary to explore this area of the country.