The Not So Young Man Traveling Abroad


I have to have a section for all of you out there reading this book who don’t exactly qualify as a young man traveling abroad. All you young guys should still take note, as you and I are not going to be so young by the time the second edition of this book comes out. I would recommend that the older man traveling abroad in search of QP (that’s quality pussy) emphasize the following countries in their itineraries. I’ve found them to contain plenty of available, older women and/or younger women who don’t mind a relationship with an older man. Holland, the US— especially the Northeast and Southern states, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, France, Italy and all of the Latin American countries are great places to be if you are older. But remember that pouching is an art that may be successfully undertaken in any country.

There are a lot of technical points you need to consider when pouching. But above all, you need to make the girl feel comfortable with you. That means that you need to show off your more profound worldliness and experience without intimidating her. You also need to tone down the wrap and consider your audience in conversation. If she spends all of her free time in high school cheerleading practice, she may be overwhelmed with a conversation on world politics, fine wine or the in’s and out’s of the stock market. There are of course exceptions. But regardless, you have to be youthful in your mannerisms and conversation, so as not to constantly remind the girl that you are old enough to be… well… her older brother. Again there are of course exceptions. Some girls like dating older men. Remember also that you have to be patient when dating younger girls. Maturity is a virtue not too prevalent in younger women.