The Northeast (USA)


The Northeast is basically comprised of major cities such as Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC. and all points in-between. Many of the women in this area of the country are beautiful, but you have to know where to look. North of New York, only the college towns including Boston are worth your time, but take heart, there are a lot of college towns and consequently, a lot of YP that abides there. Since the Northeastern United States is geographically situated to be the gateway from Europe to the Americas, and since it’s home to some of the most economically and politically powerful cities in the world, there are many different kinds of people that live in, visit and attend school here. So there is plenty of variety for those PB’s who are easily bored. In fact, there is more racial, ethnic and religious diversity among the women here than anywhere else in the country, save Los Angeles.

The types of women you will find most commonly in the Northeast include Caucasians (Jewish, Italian, Irish, English and German), Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and Middle Easterners. Those who live in the Northeast have a reputation among their fellow Americans for being uptight and unfriendly. Sad to say that occasionally, one finds out that they’ve earned this reputation justifiably. But I really feel that the perceived attitude of the locals is probably a function of the shear size of the major cities here. The patient and perseverant PB will do well in this area of the country. It’s definitely worth the time and effort to visit. Mass transit is easy to use in most all cities, so a vehicle may be more of a bother than it’s worth.