The Kindness of Strangers


Remember when traveling to take heed of the kindness of strangers. I have had some people who didn’t know me from any other PB extend profound kindness to me while I was traveling. When I was in Argentina for the first time I called a friend of a friend, who I had spoken to just once before on the telephone just to ask him for places to scam on the local booty. I wound up with a place to stay, great food and car to drive around in. The first time I went to Norway, I called a girl who left her name and address with ‘Triends Over Seas” (an agency based out of New York that puts Americans in touch with families in Scandinavia who are interested in meeting Americans). I got a place to stay, more free food and had a party to go to when I arrived. When I was in Korea and Japan, I stayed with the family members of friends of mine, and they bent over backwards to make sure I had an awesome time. I could go on and on. My point is to be thankful and return the favor sometime in the future to someone else who’s traveling and could use a break.