The Jersey Shore, New Jersey USA


If you’re in New Jersey during the summertime, check out the beaches at Belmar, Long Beach Island and Wildwood. There are always girls there on the weekends when the weather’s hot. Belmar has the beautiful, guido-loving, collegiate types from North Jersey, while Wildwood and its infamous boardwalk tends to have very Y, YP. All you really young men take note. All of the bars on the Jersey shore are cheesy as hell. So if you shave your chest, drive an “I-Rock”, wear gold chains and call yourself “Vito”, you will feel right at home. Generally, the further south you go on the shore the less cheesy it becomes, but lately the cheese has been spilling out as far south as Long Beach Island. The Shell on Engleside or the Katch*** are the only two places to really scam in Long Beach on summer weekends.

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