The Italian Riviera and Other Italian Cities


If you are in Italy during the summer, especially August, you have to check out the Italian Riviera. As in other countries, girls who are on holiday, drunk and tan tend to be a lot friendlier than they would otherwise be in their hometowns to the advances of a PB such as yourself The places to be are Genoa, Finale Ligure, Camogli and Santa Margherita Ligure. Although the beaches aren’t beautiful, they usually have beautiful women on them, along with annoying Italian PB’s sporting their Speedos. There are other towns in Italy, such as Bologna and Palermo, which are infrequently visited by tourists. The Italians who live and go to school in those cities will tend to be much friendlier, but just as beautiful as those who abide in the larger ones. However, I would avoid the southern Italian towns, such as Naples and Brundisi, all together, even when traveling by train. Two chicks I had met in Barcelona went traveling through Southern Italy. Some gypsies gassed the car of their train and made off with everyone’s belongings; luggage, cameras, money, credit cards, even the clothes on their person. When they woke up, they found that the only thing they were wearing was underwear— each other’s underwear! Well at least the thieves had a sense of humor.

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