Thanksgiving Holiday, USA


Thanksgiving weekend is a great time to head out on the town town to meet the Y.  Thanksgiving is always the 3rd weekend in November every calendar year in the United States of America. Girls who haven’t seen their friends for a while, (because they moved away for work or for school), come back home to spend time with their families during the day and party with their friends at night.  The airports during Thanksgiving are a great place to meet women– especially the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the Sunday afterward. The place is full of Y– cuming and going. Don’t be shy and get out there and talk to her. Much like spring break, they are going to be in a good mood, away from their usual lives, in the mood to party, meet, greet and runkle. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, is traditionally the craziest night of the year for drinking and partying with everyone coming home to see their old friends and in a good mood. However the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving aren’t too bad either.

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