Spring Break: Mexico, the Caribbean, Florida USA, Arizona Lakes USA and Texas Gulf Coast USA


I’m including a section on spring break because this is the best time to meet American YP often in the setting of a foreign country. Female “breakers” will do things on spring break that they would ordinarily never do— under the influence of their peers, the sun, alcohol and the great party atmosphere. I really enjoy spring break, because most all the girls who go want to have fun. Often times that involves a spring break fling or two or three! But who’s counting. If you’re aggressive and look good with your shirt off, you are sure to have some luck hooking up on spring break. The quality of the girls varies from year to year in a given locale, depending on what schools decide to head where for their one week of mid-semester school vacation, usually held from late February to early April of each year. But in general, most of the girls in all of the locations I’ll discuss look pretty good. When you think about it, it’s kind of hard for a girl who’s young and half-naked to look bad. In fact, a lot of girls with not-so-pretty faces have great bodies which they get to show off on spring break. Why are there so many great bodies on the beach? Because they are all new, of course. Speaking of new bodies, high school students have gotten into the act and now frequent spring break hot spots especially in Mexico and the Bahamas just as much as collegiate YP does. Wu for the young man!

Different schools in each part of the country have break at different times of the year, but they tend to frequent the same spring break spots. The Northeast schools for example like to head to the Bahamas, Florida or Cancun. The schools in the Southeast head to Florida. Texas and the Mid-western schools head to South Padre and Mexico. The California and Arizona schools head to Palm Springs, San Diego/Tijuana, the Arizona Lakes and Mexico. So if you are interested in hanging out with the babes from a particular area of the country, you have to do some research. Call some buddies, check the internet and call travel agents and spring break companies to find out when a particular set of schools are having break, and where they’re going that particular year. It would be well worth your time. There are multiple spring break companies such as Take a Break or Spring Break Express which specialize in package deals to all the hot spots. So give them a call for details, if you are on a strict budget. Alternatively, give a call to your travel agent way, way, way ahead of time.

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