Spokane, Washington/Coutelane, Idaho USA


One of my favorite hotels in the world is in Spokane, WA of all places—The Davenport.  From here you are in striking distance of all the good bars downtown.  State Line Show girls, where is…  You guessed it; on State Line Road just over the border of Idaho is the only decent titty bar for miles around.  You drink on one side, get dancers and colas on the other side.  The Hooters out there is sometimes decent—depending on the shift.  It also doubles as a cheesy casino.  Again, try your luck with the women, not the cards.  There is a university out here called Gonzaga, but it’s a private Catholic university, so trolling around the student center looking for the Y, may not mean you can seal the deal.  CourteLane, ID is decent in the summertime when girls from California come to the lake out there.

God Damn Factor 7.5