Oh, this is my particular specialty.  I am world famous at it.  Why do I love sexting?  Because girls love texting.  Why do girls love texting, you may ask?  For several reasons; 1) They can think about what they are going to say and how they are going to say it without being put on the spot. 2) They love the anticipation that they feel when they are waiting on your replies to their texts.  Their panties get all moist wondering what you are going to text and when you are going to text it. 3)They don’t feel intimidated with texting, like they do when they talk on the phone or meet up in person for a live conversation– mostly because they aren’t put on the spot. Most girls have ridiculous self-esteem issues and lack self confidence and this is a perfect way for them to communicate. Learn how to do it properly, as it will be a great tool for you.

That’s why sexting is such a great way to get a girl hot.  The formula is simple.  Level 1– you start off slowly and gently;  Tell her that she’s beautiful.  That you love her body…  The feel of her lips on your skin…  Ask her questions that you know she will answer in the affirmative to;  Things like do you like it when I tell you that I miss you? Do you miss me?  Do you want to see me soon?  That get’s her in the mood of saying yes, yes, yes… The affirmative responses are like an aphrodisiac for her brain. Train her to say yes to anything that you ask before going to the next level.

The key to Level 2 texting is to be more risque—yet mysterious.  Text things like; “I love the way you press your body against me with your hugs every time we see each other.” “I love the way you kiss me…”, ” I love the curves of your body..”, “Sometimes when you look at me, I can tell that you want me. And to be honest with you, I want you too.  I always have…” Etc… Etc…

These kinds of romantic, mysterious texts leads naturally into more and more risque texts, which is the third and final Level of sexting. Text things like “I can’t imagine how good it would feel to be inside you…”  Or, “I can’t want to kiss your magnificent breasts, and move down slowly over your stomach and finally between your legs. I would make you orgasm over and over again…” Etc etc… You get the idea.

Once you have reached this final stage and have her hot and bothered, you have to strike quickly. You don’t want the fires of her timbers (and your wood) to go out before you have a chance to get her face to face for some bedroom time. And don’t be a puss when you do see her in person to follow up with the sexting. Stay in Level 3 mode. If there has been some cooling off or if she is intimidated or is having second thoughts or is feeling unsure or insecure (and what woman doesn’t), temporarily drop down to Level 2 and as quickly as possible get back to Level 3. If despite your best efforts, she drops further to Level 1, you are dead in the water. Gentlemen, here is the bottom line– you have to seal the deal a quickly as possible after a successful sexting session.

And to all you beta male PB’s out there– don’t just stop at the sexting and think that you could have her if you wanted without following up and sealing the deal. That is a such a douche bag, beta male move. That’s like the dork who gets a phone number and triumphantly touts his skills with the ladies as though he runkled her without actually ever doing so. Don’t be a beta. This is not a game of catch and release. This is a game of catch, kill and grill.

Not to boast too much of myself—but I once got one of my buddies runkled via sexting with a girl he worked with at the hospital. It was so obvious to me that she liked him, but he was being a total puss and kept sending her pedestrian and boring texts. I snatched away the phone and went to work. In 20 minutes I had her dirty texting me, telling me how much she has always wanted me and couldn’t wait til I was inside her, blah, blah blah. It was a magnificent performance, and thankfully my buddy did proper sexting follow up and got runkled out of the deal. Needless to say he bought drinks that night and still thanks me to this day– years after the fact.

Sexting can work well for the beta male who is afraid to be bold in person with a girl. For you guys, being bold and adventuresome is way easier over text message than it is in person. Take advantage of the opportunity that you are given and be bold with the sexting. But follow up with the face to face encounter in short order. And don’t be a puss!