Love with Strangers


I would be remiss not to have a section about the world’s oldest profession.  So here it is.  Now before you go passing judgment, as I did when I was young and dumb—let me tell you that all men pay for women—one way or another.  Whether you are forking out a few hundred bucks for a BJ in the VIP section of the titty bar, or buying your ex-wife a Mercedes with your alimony, we all pay—one way or another.  I had a very wealthy Israeli businessman who once told me that your wife is your most expensive prostitute, so choose her well—wise words.

I didn’t always think this way.  I used to think that that sort of thing was for pathetic losers who couldn’t get girls through other means, like being witty and charming.  Now I realize that sex with strangers can be unbelievably fun and rewarding.  A great way to get your mojo on, get over a break up or just to loosen up so that you can talk to “normal” women without seeming like such a hard dick or just because you love women—all women and enjoy your sexuality as you should, like any normal human being.

It’s legal most every place on earth, except the good Ol’ US of A and Scandinavia.  But tolerated most everywhere it isn’t legal.  In many countries having sex with strangers is as normal as getting a topless dance in a titty bar—and many of the ladies are totally casual about it.  And I’m not talking about that CatHouse bullshit on HBO, where for $1000 you can spend a half hour with some white trash, trailer park skank.  I’m talking about sex with beautiful women—many of whom really enjoy what they do.

My philosophy when courting a professional is that she had better be smoking hot or else I’ll pass.  The best places for the pros are Brazil, Thailand and at least until the Gustapo gets their way– Holland.  But any player in most any titty bar in the good old US of A can partake.