Seville, Spain


Seville is a big city with small town charm and is home to plenty of university students from Spain and other countries. It has all the class and ambiance you would expect from Spain minus the attitude of a bigger city like Madrid. All of these characteristics make Seville a perfect place to scam on Spanish women. So if you are sick of being heismanned by hot women from that city farther north, this is the place for you. After all, what’s the point of being surrounded by beautiful women, if they aren’t friendly? The girls here may be less “Cosmo” than Madrid, but they’re just as beautiful. Seville is in a region in the South of Spain called Andalusia. They are renowned for their friendliness, very much like Americans from the Southern states. I’ve met girls here working in restaurants, pastry shops and bars who have fed me and gotten me drunk for nothing, just because they thought I was a good guy. Double Wu!

If that isn’t enough to convince you to come to Seville, take into account that the most sensuous form of dance in the entire world, the Flamenco, was created here, and most every single girl in Andalucia knows how to dance it properly. Thankfully nobody knows how to dance the Macarena! A group of Spanish girls danced for me once in the middle of a crowded square on the evening of my 22nd birthday. Without hesitation, I’d say it was the best birthday present I have ever gotten. Luckily many of the women here speak English, since it’s a popular subject to study at the university. Obviously, if the communication goes smoothly, you’ll increase your chances of hooking up. If you’re a college or graduate student thinking about doing a semester or year of study abroad in Spain, Seville is the place. If simply just for the fact that Seville is so popular a place of ostensible study for YP from all over the world.

The best places to go out in Seville are mostly down by the River Guadalquivir, Plaza Cuba, Avenue Reina Mercedes, Barrio de Santa Cruz, Barrio de Triana, Barrio de los Remedios and Plaza del Cabildo and its side streets off of the famed cathedral in the center of the city. The cafes, bars and discos down by the riverside are fantastic when the weather is nice. Students just flock here by the thousands. Try Bar Capote, Bar Latino, Q/Plaza, Chile, El Ambique, Alfonso XII and Libano, which are all on the river. The area around the cathedral is a mix of students, tourists and the younger working professionals. There are a good number of bars, eateries and clubs with different personalities and clientele. Check them out. But I’m sure wherever you go, you will have a total blast. [Invite edits]

Take note: It’s bad form to be roaming around the riverside area at anytime without a girl on your arm. Hemmingway called Seville one of the three most romantic cities on earth, and for good reason. You will feel like a total squid, if you are womanless in this part of the city, and like poor Ernest, you just may feel like blowing your head off!

There are a couple of towns close to Seville worth mentioning briefly. Cadiz is in the very south of Spain, just a short train ride from Seville. Basically it is a big beach town where people from Seville go to escape the heat in the July and August, which make Seville completely unbearable. It’s more of a place where families vacation. However there are plenty of younger Spanish babes to mack on. If you cruise the beach, you’ll find a lot of them. And if you want to impress any chick, local or not, take her to Cordoba or Granada, two towns close by that are everything that is Spain. Be sure to check out their world famous orange groves, great places to hook up.

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