Some of the girls I met in this country give new meaning to the phrase “Great Dane”. More than anywhere else in Scandinavia there is an incredible variety of women here— blondes, brunets, redheads… you name it. You can find it here. This is mostly due to the Germanic influences on the Danish gene pool, which can sometimes confuse you as to the ethnic origins of some of the women. Unfortunately, some of the Danes have also adopted a Germanic attitude. Not that they wanf to invade France, but rather that they tend to keep to themselves and enjoy their privacy. That does not help you very much in your efforts to hook up with the locals. On top of all that, the Danes don’t go out all that frequently unless they are pretty well off financially. And when they do, they tend to cop attitudes with strangers (another very German thing to do), which makes it hard to get to know them. But there is hope. Here are some helpful hints to hook up in Denmark: head to the discos rather than the bars. The bars are packed with guys looking for the same thing you are. The girls here, like in most every country I’ve ever been in, tend to spend money on clothes to dance in, not beer to get fat from.

Everyone goes to Copenhagen when visiting Denmark. The places to be here are all around the area northeast of the train station off of the Stroget on streets like the Vestergade, Amagertorv, Ostergade, Skt. Pedersstraede, the Norrebrogade or the Scala by Tivoli. These areas are packed with places to shop, eat, drink and party. The university sits right on Norregade, in the middle of everything. There really is no reason to venture off anywhere else except to check out Copenhagen’s most popular and pretentious club, Park Cafe on Osterbrogade on Thursday evenings. It’s the best nightlife Copenhagen has to offer. Alternatively try Cafe Sommersko on Kronprinsensgade, Bananarepublikken on Norrebrogade, Krasnapolsky on Vestergrade, Freud’s on Gothersgade or Cafe Victor on Ostergade early evening and head to X-Ray on Baron Boltens Gard late night on a weekend. If you are a very young man, consider a trip to Trivoli, the big amusement park here and try your luck with the Danish girls all trying to pretend that they are not really there with their parents. Lots of schoolgirls on family outings or organized school trips from other parts of Denmark abound.

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