Scammers Beware


I remember one night when I was on spring break in the Bahamas. I was in this club with my cousin, Danny. Now my cousin and I work well together. This night was no exception. I mean we tore through this club. We worked on every beautiful girl in the place, and hooked up with half of them. The problem was that all the girls we hooked up with saw us working the other girls and got pissed. We wound up going home after having met, macked and mugged with all the hot booty, but the only person in the entire goddaflKi bar who I could have brought home that night was my cousin, and vice-versa. It was a total waste of talent, time and effort.

A girl wants to feel like she’s special, even if you meet her in a tawdry meat market of a club. If she sees you working on other chicks, your chances of hooking up will suffer severely unless you have an incredible wingman, a guy who will help you juggle three or four chicks in a bar by covering for you in your absence and keeping an eye out to prevent a potential bust. Trust me on this one. When you find a good wingman keep him around and keep him happy. He will turn out to be invaluable over time. Despite the efforts of the best of wingmen, girls generally aren’t fooled all that easily. They’ll know, if you’re a player— a character trait you have to play off, if they peg you as one. That is, unless you’re hitting on titty dancers. They love players.