Santa Barbara, California USA


Don’t miss out on visiting Santa Barbara just north of LA. It’s fun and packed with beautiful women from all over California. Santa Barbara, along with nearby Malibu, is where Baywatch is filmed. During the academic year, it’s packed with gorgeous, college beaver. In the summer time, the less pretentious Californians come here on the weekends to get away from LA. Santa Barbara is probably my favorite city in the US, because it reminds me of the Basque country in Europe. There’s a big university, the University of California at Santa Barbara out on La Isla Vista, which should be named La Isla de Chica Finita, a great night life, which centers in and around State Street, and beautiful girls.

Half of the girls I saw on the campus of UCSB or out on State Street from Thursday through Saturday night turned my head. I was “phallus in Wonderland!” On top of all that, the beach on La Isla Vista is packed with UCSB girls when it’s hot outside. Alas the water’s always cold, so don’t wear your Speedo’s and dive right in, unless you can get one of the sorority girls to perform CPR on your Johnson. I went to a fraternity party on campus here one year and I almost didn’t leave. Going to Harvard was definitely not worth missing out on fours years of this. And oh, did I mention? If you think the girls at UCSB were hot, take a walk over to Santa Barbara City College just off of Shoreline Beach by State Street. The girls who were too dumb and too hot to get into UCSB are all here. Double WU!

God Damn Factor 10.0— the best score in the US!