San Marcos, Texas, USA

San Marcos, Texas.  Home of Texas State University.  This used to be a teaching college back in the day– with an obviously disproportionately high female student population.  Double Wu!!  Notorious party school.  Now they have their own football team, and their downtown may soon come close to their neighbors to the north in Austin, Texas.  It’s all arranged in a square– literally– a square– downtown. 

 Bar 141 above Bar Fish is a crazy fun dance club, full of Y who don’t mind dating older men.  Harbors, Shaun Patricks (an obvious Irish Pub), Zelios, Taxis, Showdown, Vodka Street, Tap Room and Treff’s Tavern (on the other side of campus) are all good from Thursday through Saturday night.  Hopefully there will be a gaggle of sorority girls walk in together all dressed to the nines, who you can work your best PB moves on.  I once went to visit my buddy Arta here, when he attended Texas State as a freshman.  I walked into his room and he was playing video games.  And through the half open door I saw half naked freshman girls in tee shirts and panties prancing around the hallways.  I just about fell over.  “Are you insane?”, I asked him– get your ass out there, as I smashed the video consul on the floor.  Needless to say, that boy got an education that day!

God Damn Factor 8.0