San Francisco, California USA


This is not exactly the greatest place for women.  There is no major university in the city.  So the YP is scarce.  The closest place for that is Berkeley which is just outside the city.  Do check out UC Berkley, if you are into bare-foot, tree-hugging, anti-establishment type chicks who enjoy the naturalness of fornication, and if you don’t mind her hairy, sand-paper feminist legs wrapped around your waist, while you runkle.

Try to meet the plethora of tourist who flock here at all times of the year on Market Street and Powell, the Westfield Centre Mall (which is huge) or at Fisherman’s Warf.  Unfortunately most of the best women are with their with their boyfriends or families, so good luck to all you PB’s out there with that one.

For titty bars and the only decent clubs in town, head to the Broadway Strip in North Beach or Mission Street.  Try The Hustler Club, the Gold Club and Broadway Show Girls.  There you will probably find the hottest girls in the city along with the best service.  Lots of Lesbos come to the titty bars here, so you will be rubbing elbows with the muff divers as you tip the ladies on stage.  Do you best to sit next to one of them, so you get close up of the show.  Just make sure you’re careful about with whom, or more appropriately with what, you mix your DNA.  Sutra, Impala and Horizon are decent clubs in  this same area.  There are slim pickings but you are in San Francisco after all.

If you are lucky enough to snag a hottie, impress her by taking her to Gallery Market on Union Square.  Have the manager take you downstairs to their private stash of select wines.  You are sure to runkle the lucky lady you are with.  If you want to really impress her, take her to Napa Valley, tour the wineries during the day and take her to the Bounty Hunter come night time.

God Damn Factor 7.0