San Antonio, Texas USA


Surprisingly, the Univeristy of Texas at San Antonio has some beautiful women.  The best clubs these days in San Antonio for the ladies are places like Kennedy’s, Boston Bar, Boggies, Chicago Bar and Highlander—which are best on the weekends.  The big kicker bar is called Cowboys and is good on the weekends.  It is enormous– much like the behinds on much of the Mexican girls who flock here to party. If you are downtown by the River Front, try the Langer, Rebar, Rev Room and Zen Bar.  If you are on the north side of town, try Dolche, Duo and Swig—but dress to impress.  If you are on the north side and in jeans and a tee shirt head to the Cross Eyed Seagul.

Hands down and johnsons up, the best Titty bar here is called The Palace—waitresses and dancers alike are good-looking.  The Hooters on Wurzback is easily the best in San Antonio and probably in Texas.  Bikini’s is a bar where- well the girls serve you in bikini’s, and it’s right around the corner from the Hooters on Wurzback. Fox and the Hound and Flying Saucer will occasionally have some cute waitresses. You never know.  You know where there are hot waitresse?  Rebar and The Hanger off of Broadway.  Really gorgeous girls.

The girls in this town tend to keep their boyfriends for years. God knows why. But what that means to you is that it’s tough to find a single attractive woman in this town. Most of the great ones are taken unless you go really young or really old.

God Damn Factor 8.0