Rotterdam is a much more laid back place than Amsterdam. People here like to hangout, listen to live music, kick back with a beer and casualy runkle. This used to be a large port town. These days the biggest imports tend to be drugs like heroin or ecstasy. I was walking along the peer one night and saw a bunch of people trying to step around this guy lying face down on the pavement— whacked out of his mind on drugs. I decided to play doctor and went over to see if I could help out. His sister was standing over him trying to revive him. An ambulance came. I got an IV started and gave him a shot of naloxone, and he perked right up. His sister thanked me, and later I got to play doctor again. I prescribed her a special injection of my very own! Who says you can’t get any of us to make house calls anymore. Check out Oude Haven and Nieuwe Binnenweg and walk the streets in search of your very own Dutch treat in the stores, restaurants and cafes so numerous in these areas. Head to Westerpaviljoen on Matheneserlaan, Night Town on West Kruiskade or Beat Corner on Gravendijkwal to find your own patients, Dr. Runkle!

God Damn Factor 8.0