Raliegh, North Carolina USA


Sweet North Carolina girls abound in Raliegh, North Carolina USA. Get liquored up at Total Wine before heading out on the town.  That store is full of cheap, good wine at a great price. Stay at the Renaissance Hotel, eat at Solas—then head out to Tabacco Road, Sushi Blues, Bogarts and Sports Bar, which are all on Glenwood to meet the honeys from North Carolina State University (NC State). Check out campus during the day. You won’t be disappointed.

In nearby Charlotte, North Carolina, you will find the University of North Carolina. While on campus, wear baby blue UNC colors to fit in with the myriad of insanely UNC-loyal students on campus. If you are lucky enough to check out a UNC basketball game– especially if they play Duke, you should definitely check it out. The Y will be drinking, in a good mood and wanting to party. Unfortunately, there will be a boat load of local PB’s competing for the same girls. Be bold. Speaking of Duke. Duke University is just 8 miles away in Durham, North Carolina USA. The ladies are bright and talented, but not all that great to look at. The cities of Raliegh, Durham and Charlotte North Carolina make up a Golden triangle of cute college girls. So check them out and have some fun.

God Damn Factor 7.5