Pullman, Washington/Moscow, Idaho USA


Now you know that I love college towns, and there are two good ones just a few miles of each other—Washington State University and the University of Idado. If you ever find yourself out in the Walla Walla wine country in eastern WA or in Spokane, WA, head down to Pullman on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday. The college Y is great over here—that is if you are Caucasian and under 25. If you’re not, this will be a tough gig. Mikes (formerly known as Stubblefields) up on campus is always good during the school year, as well as Beaches over in Moscow. During the afternoon work out at the gym on either campus where there is more Y than you can shake a cock at. I love that German/Scandinavian look of the girls out here along with the big curves that come with them.

God Damn Factor 9.0