Phoenix, Arizona USA


Women in Phoenix are like the weather here in Arizona, hot as hell. Phoenix is home to Arizona State University, which so generously keeps this city stocked with YP. Like Houston, Phoenix seems like it houses a titty bar on every other corner, although they’re not as big as those in Texas— the bars, not the titties! It’s very popular for the good-looking female students at ASU to dance part time for extra money. So much so that you can practically assume that most of the hot chicks on campus have at least tried it once. Head to ASU during the school year to check out a little higher education-Arizona style! The place to be on the weekends in Phoenix is Mill Avenue, just to the west of the university. All the bars are lined up back to back. So bar hop or follow the booty into whatever bar suites your fancy. Club 411 and Gibson’s on Mill Ave are my personal favorites. For a slightly more mature crowd, check out the areas on the corner of Scottsdale and McDowell Road. Jetz and Stixx on E Street, the Camelback and the Cajun House 5th Ave and The Famous Door on 78th Street are the best bars in this area for the PB in search of hot scamper. Dr. Feel Good and the Blue Note on East McDowell are worth a look-see as are Rio, Iron Horse, Studebakers and Tribecca on Scottsdale.

Toolie’s on West Thomas Road is an incredible country music club here in Phoenix. (I can’t believe I said that.) The only place I’ve ever been where the bouncers shake your hand, when they card you at the entrance— pretty classy, Garth! The place is packed with hot chicks who love country music. Get out there, if you want to get in there! The best titty bars in the city are Tiffany’s by the airport on 32nd and Bourbon Street on Indian School Road. $10US for a table dance- not too shabby for the quality you get. Like Texas and California, there are a good number of pretty Mexican girls here and plenty of great Mexican restaurants in this area to avoid taking them, so that they can keep those cute little bodies as long as possible. On the days you’re not at ASU, check out the shopping districts on Colonnade and the Town and Country Mall.

West Gate is a relatively new place in Phoenix– a huge complex full of bars, clubs, restaurants and just adjacent to it– a titty bar of course.

God Damn Factor 9.0