Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA


Philadelphia is where the thirteen colonies ratified the Declaration of Independence and freed themselves from British rule. Maybe they knew what we do about English girls! This city is very Italian. Your competition is sporting a big-ass, cheesy gold chain, a tank top, tanning salon complexion, complete with well-moussed hair and dark jacket. I know, because a lot of my best friends are Italian, and I’ve seen them this way, despite all my teasing and prodding them in the direction of good taste. The nightlife here is great though, and there are always some stunning women in the bars and clubs. These places are typical meat markets and are no place for the timid, so adjust your rap accordingly, and do your best to set yourself apart from the “typical” dude that so often frequents these nocturnal dwellings in search for YP. That is best accomplished by walking upright, having a high school diploma, no criminal record and driving anything other than a Camaro. Oh, and a suite would help.

During the day, if you are in the mood to check out the YP in Phili, head to University City (which looks more like a prison than a city), the home of some not-so-bad-looking girls at Drexel. On the weekends, the places to be in Philadelphia are in and around South Street and Christopher Columbus Boulevard (called Delaware Avenue by the locals). Try Cafe Limbo and Mako’s on South Street or Gothum, Spring Garden and Rock Lobster on Christopher Columbus Blvd. Alternatively, head to the Irish Pub on Walnut St. and 20th, Trocadero on Arch Street, Xero on 4th Street, 111 on Chesnut and 3rd, Shampoo and the Bank on 8th. Take note; the Italian girls hear have perfect bodies, dress well and like to be spoiled by the men they meet, while out on the town. You’ve got to open the wallet a little. If you have access to a car or know someone with a ride, head just outside of Philadelphia to the Manayuk area and the River Deck Cafe for happy hour late in the workweek.

God Damn Factor 8.5