Pensacola, Florida USA

The pan-handle of Florida. AKA the red neck Rivera. Don’t go in the water though, which thanks to BP will be microscopically laden with oil for years to come. You can get dirty enough and put your health at risk by partying with the girls downtown. There are some honeys here, but outside of spring break, you may have to hunt for them a little bit. Stay at the New World Inn Hotel. It’s a local place and within walking distance of all of downtown. Start off at 600 South, the cool upscale bar at the hotel and try your luck with the smokin’ hot Y serving drinks here. Walk down the street to Club Ice and Club Fire, which is upstairs from Club Ice (cheesy, but who doesn’t love the cheese in the pan handle) is a good place to sample the Y on the weekends. It’s totally packed. So don’t be shy. VIP here is reasonable so reach in the wallet, if you want her to reach in your pants later on. 5 1/2 Bar is a cool high end wine and cocktail bar where you can bring the Y you met during the day on the beach or at the Hooters to impress her.

Come here alone and the cougars will be your only option. Want a more chill place to bring the Y you met earlier in the day? Then check out Intermissions, a kind of a dive bar with good live music, which she will most likely love. Hop Jacks has a younger local crowd that go there for the big draft beers selection and good, cheap food. Seville Quarter is the best place to meet the Y. It’s 7 bars and clubs in one– everything from a piano bar to a dance club to a chill bar. If you can’t meet someone to take home here with all the drunk happy girls running around schizophrenically between the 7 venues, then your man card seriously deserves to be revoked. Happy hunting!

God Damn Factor 7.0