Paros and Santorini (Greece)


Paros and Santorini may be the most beautiful of all the islands. There is less of an “animal house” atmosphere on these islands which is exactly what attracts a lot of the girls to come here as opposed to places like Ios. Both remind me of spring break in the Bahamas. Paros is pretty much just a stop over point between Mykonos and Santorini. Santorini is actually an island created by the giant ejaculation of a volcano eons ago. There are red, black, and white beaches depending upon where you are on the island and great views. Santorini’s downtown has a ton of bars and restaurants running along two parallel streets in its center. Try the Blue Note, Beach Bar, Beer Garden and Meltemi Club. But again, it really doesn’t matter. You’ll know where to go, once you’re here. They’re all so close together that you can bar hop with ease and not go 30 seconds without a drink in your hand or a hand on your Johnson. In the butt girl story* * *

God Damn Factor 8.5

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