Panama City, Florida USA


Panama City rocks during the spring break season. Everything centers around “the strip” by the beach. The beach is always packed with honeys, but beware. The weather here tends to be the least predictable of all the spring break destinations. Panama City has been known to be cold and rainy while other spring break spots are warm and sunny. Cross your fingers. On top of that the recent BP oil disaster ensures that the water will be contaminated for years to come– despite what is reported on the news. Leave it to the British to screw things up for one of our favorite spring break destinations. Despite these factors, Panama City is perhaps the most popular destination for spring break in Florida. MTV comes here most every year and throws some decent parties. Who knows, you may wind up on TV. When night falls, Club La Vela and the Spinnaker are awesome. Oh, the bodies on some of these chicas! Chicks from Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida love it here as a spring break destination. The only risk to coming here for spring break is that the weather can be unpredictable at times. Depending on just which week in spring you visit, this week of vacation could more accurately be described as a winter break! The mother of all Panama city beach bars is Club La Vela. It’s the largest nightclub in America with 12 theme rooms and a VERY young crowd. Perfect for all the PB’s in search of the Y. Coyote Ugly is OK here. Spinnaker is a huge nightclub with live entertainment and dance theme rooms. Want to escape the cheese with that hot local girl you just met? Take her to the Red Door, a local dive bar or Ms Newbys, another local, heavy pouring place.

For the locals– IE anytime other than Spring Break, head over to Palafox Street downtown and just follow the noise. Good times.

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