Pacific Coast and Hawaii (USA)


California is a collection of contrasts. There are deserts just a few miles from the ocean. There are perfect beaches in the shadow of snow-covered mountains.   There are unadulterated college babes spending their freshman semester tooling away in the libraries of UCLA, and there are the indiscriminant sluts who come to Southern California and try and sleep their way to stardom. You’ve got everything here, but most importantly, beautiful girls, from Pamela Anderson look-a-likes, to hot JAPpy girls, to fine Mexican chicas. Take your pick. You absolutely positively cannot miss out on a visit to the West Coast. You will not be disappointed with the booty in the least. The women you will meet are most likely to be just as diverse as those you will find in the Northeast and include Caucasians, Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, Asians and Middle Easterners. Hawaii is an island unto itself and really is nothing like the rest of the United States. Here you will find Asians (mostly Japanese and Korean), assorted Americans and Polynesians.