North Central (USA)


The Northcentral United States (the best of which are Illinois and Ohio) have a much more laid back atmosphere as compared to other states in the Union. In fact, Chicago is the only city up here that is at all fast-paced by East Coast standards. The girls here also tend to be a lot friendlier and easy-going than in other states in the union. They tend to leave the more sparsely populated areas where they may have grown up and head to the larger cities for school or to pursue a career after college. (If she grew up milking cows, just imaging what this farmer’s daughter can do for you!) This makes things easy for all you PB’s out there who want to meet some quality Y from this area of the country. You don’t have to town hop from Nowheresville to Nowheresville in the vast expanses that make up this area of the country to search for beautiful women. The type of women you will most frequently find her are those of Scandinavian, Germanic and Italian decent.