Nassau, Bahamas Caribbean


The Bahamas are much mellower than Mexico. Girls tend to come here to relax, not to get naked in a wet tee-shirt contest. This is partly because the girls who come here tend to be from the more uptight regions of the Northeast. The spring break scene has taken a hit as of late because a hotel called the Atlantis has taken over Paradise Island (the former haven for spring breakers) and basically banned spring breakers from that part of Nassau. That only leaves the hotels on Cable Beach to accommodate the breakers who come here every March. Although the Atlantis’ poor attitude towards young American college students has put a dent in the number of breakers coming to the Bahamas, its still a fun place to be. That’s because, the Bahamas has one advantage over all of the other spring break hot spots: There is a great ratio, at least until a significant number of you PB’s get your hands on this book. I’ve been out at some clubs in the Bahamas where girls literally left the club because there weren’t any available men to talk to or dance with. I have never experienced that before in any locale in all my years of travel. It’s beautiful thing, man.
The four big clubs in the Bahamas are The Zoo, 601, The Goombay Club, and Club Waterloo. The only bad things about these clubs is that they are run by Bahamians, annoying locals, buzzed on ganja who hit on all of the college girls who come here and either piss them off or scare them half to death of being raped. If you are with a girl they want to meet or dance with, they may say get in your face and say something. Just be careful, some o these boys are big, and they have friends and relatives on the local police force. It’s not as cheap to eat and drink here, as it is in other spring break spots, so your wallet may be a lot lighter when you leave– hopefully because you got rid of those old condoms, not because you got rid of all your cash.
God Damn Factor 8.5