Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


This is the preferred desitination for spring break for the VERY young man—I’m talking high school student—especially in Barefoot Landing.  Broadway is full of cheesy beach town stores and restaurants.  It reminds me of the Jersey Shore a little bit.  For a more grown up scene, try the Kryptonite (K Club) or the Tunnel on Friday and Saturday nights or the Boat House early on Sundays in the summer time.  The boaters, and their hot wives, girlfriends and daughters will be there late afternoon to late evening.  Best place to bring a chick for an impressive dinner is Legrands—great wine list, food and service.  There are a decent Hooters here and a few good titty bars in this town—the Penthouse and Doll House have the hottest girls.   All the same rules of hitting on strippers and the help apply here in Myrtle Beach, SC.

God Damn Factor 7.5