Mykonos, Greece


Mykonos is a little expensive and a lot gay. I would tell you to completely avoid this island altogether, if it wasn’t for the fact that the girls who come here are hot as shit. This island is extremely popular with the girls from Sweden, Argentina, Australia, Italy and Brazil. This island reminds me of South Beach in Miami, Florida, in that you have hot chicks on a great beach, with a great nightlife, but with way too many homosexuals. The clubs are also more pretentious and have curfews, but it may be worth checking out, if only for the babes. The island is jagged, and there are tons of small beaches, as opposed to one long coastline. The two best beaches are Paradise and Psarou. There are bars blasting dance music all along the edge of Paradise Beach. Super Paradise is gay, but there are beautiful women here. (WHY?) Thankfully, unlike in the poorly-lighted clubs in New York and Paris, even the dumbest PB can distinguish the transvestites from the real thing without difficulty, since everybody’s half-naked. For those in search of backpackers, not fudge packers, the best club is the Scandinavian Bar downtown. But there are a ton of other bars in downtown Mykonos, as well as restaurants and shops. The Bolero Bar, Irish Bar and Niko’s Taverna are excellent. Also, any place along the water near the windmills is a great place to meet women at sunset, as everybody goes to watch the sky and water light up as a prelude to the all night partying.

God Damn Factor 9.0

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