Monaco/Monte Carlo


Check out Monaco and Monte Carlo if you are in the mood to do some gambling. That’s what everyone does here. I personally fail to see how losing money can be as much fun as hitting on hot, naked French chicks, but whatever. There are hot women in the casino, but they tend to be out of your league, unless you are a high rolling, young man traveling abroad. If you are, give me a call, because we definitely have to hang out. Check out the Chatam Bar et Jean-Louis on Avenue d’Ostende, if you afford staying here for a night. If you can’t, challenge your buddies to a contest to see who can find some French female to put you up for the night in exchange for a runkle. My buddy Mike and I went walking along the beach one day with our shirts off (remember what I said about showing off the body), and two older chicks wearing jewelry that could have put me through medical school. One of them lowered her sun glasses and said “Ooo la la”— I shit you not! I almost busted a gut I laughed so hard. Mike was the only one laughing late night. He wound up sipping on champagne with those two in their penthouse hotel room!

God Damn Factor 8.5

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