Mexico Central America


Mexico is wild. Americans frustrated by the fact that they cannot drink or go out to bars and clubs in the US until they’re 21 years old (except in LA or NYC) come here to get a head start on a lifetime of partying, and things really get crazy. The hot spots tend to be Cancun, Puerto Viarta, Los Cabos and Mazatlan. Mazatlan and Puerto Viarta have shitty beaches and ugly main drags that tend to be full of annoying, drunk Mexicans who piss off all of the American chicks who come here for spring break— especially during Holy Week, usually celebrated the last week of March, when all of Mexico is off on vacation. Fortunately, there are beautiful, Mexican chicas here as well. The only bad thing is thaLthey are next to impossible to rankle, as many are strict Catholics.

God Damn Factor 9.0