Mazatlan, Mexico Central America


Mazatlan is much smaller than Cancun, and the beaches and nightlife much more manageable— much like that of the Bahamas, Puerto Viarta and South Padre. You will see the same girls out and about multiple times during your stay here. This is a good thing, since many girls may not rankle the very first time they meet you, but soon after. There are of course many girls who will, but be careful with your Johnson. When the U.S. Customs Agents ask you if you’re bringing any plants or animals back into your country, you will have to declare those crabbies in your boxers. Mazatlan is like Puerto Viarta in that the beaches here suck. The water and the sand tend to be dirty and full of little Mexican kids in their underwear. But spring breakers come here to party, not so much for the beach. Head to El Gringo Lingo and the No Name Bar for cheap beer early night. The big clubs here are Bora, Bora, Valentino’s, Senor Frogs and Joe’s Oyster Bar. Keep your eyes and ears open for where the spring break companies are having parties. Most people stay on the Playa de Mazatlan, a street loaded with cheap hotels and decent restaurants. Stay at Joe’s Oyster Bar Hotel, the Tropicana, the Aztec or the surrounding hotels to be in the middle of the action— alternatively stay at El Cid or Costa del Oro if you want to stay $ a better hotel a little further away.

God Damn Factor 9.5