Master of the 3-7 Day Romance


Meeting, dating and getting intimate with a woman, especially as a traveler in a foreign country is a true skill you need to develop, mainly because you are constantly under time constraints. There have been many relationships in my life for which the final buzzer sounded too early— leaving me to whisk away on some plane, train or automobile hating life, because I knew I would have gotten runkled, if I had more time. The key to success in this game is to be intense. Make every play for her an all out blitz. But use good judgment. At times, if you are careless, you may scare her too much, and she’ll throw a flag.

Sometimes the opposite occurs, and you wonder if you are spending too much time with a particular girl in a particular place. Knowing when to say when and move on is easier said than done. My alarm goes off after 7 days and the most I have ever stayed for any one chick (and she was exceptional) was 10. When the alarm goes off it is time to hit the road, Jack. The worst thing you can do is stay with one girl too long, then a couple of stops further along on your itinerary you meet someone much, much better, but not have enough time to get to know her. Trust me on this one. I’ve made that mistake and kicked myself long and hard for making it. Meanwhile, she could have been stroking my Johnson, long and hard!

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