Marbella and the Costa del Sol


The Costa del Sol is kind of like the Jersey Shore. If you’ve ever been to this area of the US you’ll know what I mean. As Lionel Richie might say, “It’s cheesy like Sunday morning.” This place is not for the lactose intolerant! But Marbella and the Costa del Sol attracts sun-worshipping Scandinavians, Spanish and other Europeans year after year. If you look good in a bathing suit, you will really do well here. After a few minutes on any Spanish beach you will realize why you had so much trouble trying to find a weight room in Seville; Spanish men do not work out. If you’ve got some pecs, blonde hair and a six pack (and I don’t mean Schlitz, genius boy!), you may find a group of Spanish or any other European girls looking over at you, whispering to each other and checking you out. But remember, no proper Spanish girl will ever approach a man she doesn’t know. However, when they congregate into little groups, their collective testosterone may be enough for them to muster up the courage to say hello. You’ll have to do the work from then on and run the sortie.

There’s a lot less attitude here as compared to places like Ibiza and a lot more people like you who just want to get tan, drink, hook up and have a good time. This place is packed with pale-faced Scandinavians, English and Germans and some Spanish. Hotels are expensive here, so stay at hostels. My favorite is Hostel del Pilar on Calle Mensoncillo. There you will find the best group of young adults in all of Marbella. Everyone here wants to have a good time. It’s located in the old town where there are lots of bars and old cobble stones streets which remind me of South Street Seaport in New York but acts like South Beach, Miami, Florida. Wu!

Here’s what you do; From 10pm-12am head to the bars around the Puerto Deportivo. From 12-3am head to the small bars and discos down by the waterfront by the Old Marbella Piers. If you want, head to the next town over, Porta Venus (about $10US for a taxi ride) and to the bars by its peer. That is an older and more expensive scene, but the babes abound. From 3-9am head to the biggest and best disco “Old Marbella” located in a huge hotel. This is the place. It’s got all four kinds of women, bitches, babes, hoes and Y. And a private beach full of boot! Super Double Wu!

.GodDamn Factor 9.5

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